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The Benefits of Shared Web Hosting

When using a shared web hosting service, your hosted website is among a handful of other websites that share a single physical server and its resources. Each user on the server is allocated a different amount of features such as disk space, email accounts and a variety of other offers. While it may not seem to make sense to share a server with other websites, there are many benefits to utilizing a shared web hosting service. Before making your decision to use a shared web hosting service, it is important to understand the benefits to see if they outweigh the cons.

1. Convenience

Shared web hosting servers are managed by professionals who are dedicated to maintaining the servers as their primary job. As a result, you do not have to worry about why the servers are down or slower than usual. This gives you the opportunity to focus more on the content of your website and your business. In addition, professional management also means a dedicated team to answer any questions you may have regarding hosting. Whether it’s questions around transferring a domain or allocating more disk space to your site, your account representative can help you achieve your goals.

2. Customization

Shared web hosting services are usually paired with control panel tools managed by the webmaster. This powerful tool allows you to customize the site and utilize features such as uploading files or checking site performance. Without a control panel, changing settings and adding plug-ins becomes increasingly more difficult. This could delay the time it takes your site to launch and slow down any changes that need to be made. Different hosting services offer control panels with different features, so be sure to research and understand each product offering before making a decision.

3. Efficiency and ease of use

With the benefit of having a control panel tool and professionals maintaining the server, setting up a website through a shared web hosting service is quick and efficient. You don’t have to be a dedicated professional that understands different coding languages to optimize or customize your website. Customizing is also a lot easier if someone on the shared web hosting server has already implemented a similar feature. Take advantage of offerings such as 24/7 customer service and free control panels to create a website that best suits your needs.

4. Cost-effectiveness

All of these benefits may seem to come at a price, but shared web hosting services are actually much more cost effective than single host servers. Costs are lower because you’re sharing resources with a handful of other websites who are also paying for these features. Think of it like getting a group deal for a class instead of private sessions.

Shared web hosting plans can be extremely beneficial for business owners seeking a cost-effective measure to set up their website. While these benefits are generalized across most shared hosting services, different companies may offer different features at various prices. It is important for you to develop an understanding of what your hosting needs are before making the decision to go with shared hosting.


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