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What Is Domain Name Privacy and Why Do You Need It?

domain name privacy

We are all in a constant struggle to keep our digital lives out of the sights of hackers, malware and computer viruses. Keeping important data hidden, like our IP addresses, browsing habits, and personal information like credit card numbers and social security numbers, are of utmost importance when working to avoid a security breach.

But what else can you do to ensure your personal data remains hidden from threats? Start with domain privacy.

What is domain name privacy?

Any time you buy a new domain name – or even after you have completed your purchase and have logged in to configure it – you get asked if you want to enable domain name privacy, a service that requires payment.

Domain privacy is also known as WHOIS protection, one of the many domain name registrars that keeps track of who owns what name. The protection implies that any of the personal information needed for domain name registration is protected. Anyone who tries looking up the personal details tied to yoru domain will be met with a generic message or the address of the service provider.

Although all registrants’ details are public record, everything, including your domain’s name servers, registration, renewal and expiration dates, can be masked for a fee.

Why do you need domain name privacy?

Domain name privacy ensures your anonymity. But, apart from hiding information like your home address, email address, and phone number, it also helps you do the following.

1. Stop Identity Theft

Anyone who manages to gather your personal information can piece together a profile on you. Armed with that data, you become vulnerable to identity theft, which can ruin your finances, your career and your life.

2. Stop Solicitors

If you’ve ever bought a domain name and not enabled privacy protection, you were probably bombarded with marketing and solicitation emails. Domain privacy helps opt you out of these solicitations, which can become an enormous headache if not preempted.

3. Avoid Spam

With the purchase of domain name privacy, you receive an alias email address that is changed regularly. So, even if you find yourself at the receiving end of spam bots, most spam activity dies down after a bit of time.

4. Avoid Domain Hijacking

Hackers can easily gain access to your domain administration account if your information is not protected. Once in, they can hold it for ransom, deface your website, point it to another website, or simply bring it down. Having your personal information hidden gives them one more hurdle to get past. Also, (and this is really important,) your domain’s registrar will be able to lock any transfers, so no one can take your domain away from you.

5. Create a More Professional Site

If your domain name is for your online business, everything about it should look and feel professional. Having your personal name, email and phone number listed on your domain name’s WHOIS description will not only put you at risk, but expose you as inexperienced. Do a quick search of a popular brand name or website. Chances are, they do not have the personal information of any single individual listed.

You need to buy domain name privacy.

Though purchasing domain privacy can cost a little extra, that is really the only downside. Benefits far outweigh the cost, so we urge you to be the judge. Do you think the cost is worth it? We do!




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