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5 Ways to Effectively Convert Your Web Traffic into Sales

You’ve generated traffic on your website – great! But now what? As a business owner, it is crucial to view your web visitors as great potential leads to convert into sales.

So what are leads? Leads are details (such as name, phone number, and email) of people who visit your website and have either shown interest or would be interested in your product or service. These individuals are the perfect audience for remarketing through effective email marketing.

In order to develop quality leads, it is important to optimize your website to fulfill fundamental prerequisites for a user-friendly experience. Here are some essentials:

  • Your website should be loading quickly. Site speed tools like Google’s Speed Scorecard and Google’s Impact Calculator will provide comparisons and estimate the revenue impact or increase your site speed.
  • Your landing page should be simple and provide answers for who, what, when, where, and how.
  • Implement call-to-actions and try not to make your website too verbose.

Aside from the technological requirements of a website, building your brand and creating incentive is the foremost way to generate more leads, which could then be converted into sales. The most effective strategies are listed below.

Make Your Contact Number Easily Visible and Accessible

The easier it is for your website visitors to get in touch with you, the more likely that they will. Not only should your contact number be visible on your homepage, but you should also consider having other means of communication such as live chat, an FAQ page, and a comment form.

Include an Opt-in Form

Having an opt-in form facilitates instant leads. Try and consider ways in which opting in would be of great advantage to the customer. For example, offering a free e-book on different recipes for providing contact information would be perfect for a consumer product goods service website.

Try and Incorporate Media

Data shows that 96% of online shoppers will view a video that is posted on a website. This is an optimal opportunity for you to showcase your products or services in a short and informative video. Having a video available is also a great means to increase brand awareness as well as build trust and confidence among users in what you have to offer.

Have an About Me/Us Page

Another great way to build trust and confidence among users is by showcasing who the company is and what the purpose of the business is. This is an effective way to put a face to your brand, which in turn, would make what you have to offer to seem more trustworthy. Consider including an opt-in form or sign up form on this page as well, because it gives your web visitors a reason to become more engaged after reading your story.

Provide Quality Incentives

Giveaways and incentives are a good way for potential customers to get their foot in the door for buying your product or service. Incentives can come in many different forms, and should always conclude with a sense of need for more of what you have to offer. Some good examples:

  • E-books
  • Interviews
  • Videos
  • Worksheets
  • Audio files
  • Podcasts

Providing customers with these incentives will give them the impression that you have the ample knowledge and repertoire for your industry and will also have them wondering what more your business has to offer aside from what you’re willingly giving out for free.

Here are some questions to reflect on when thinking of what incentives strategies are best for your business and website:

  1. What type of initial incentives can I offer for first-time buyers or prospects?
  2. What other products or services would be desirable along with what I am already offering?
  3. What are some products or services that are already profitable, and thus, I can offer at a significant discount?
  4. How can I incorporate seasonal influences on the benefits and incentives I can offer?

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